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Then, King Edward VIII stepped down from the throne in order to marry the twice-divorced Wallis Simpson, of Baltimore, Maryland; he became the Duke of Windsor and retreated into a long exile of decadent mooching, in France and elsewhere Read more.

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Open Post: Does Meg have "the best team in town"? April 13, Enty ran another of his blind items on the Sussexes the other day, to wit: "This alliterate former actress has the best, if not the best team you could hire in town. Apparently though she has sent word out through her media mouthpiece to the north that she isn't happy with them.

No one wants to hire her at the rate she thinks she deserves. Her demands are much higher than reality. Oh, and as a side note. Since she can't use the title any longer, the movie studio asked her if she wanted to change the name under which she is credited. She said of course not and that is who she is even if she "can't use" it any longer. Meg can certainly use "Meghan, Duchess of Sussex," which is how she was credited in her Disney elephants documentary.

The only thing she has agreed not to use is her HRH - and she didn't.

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The "media mouthpiece to the north" is clearly Lainey Gossip. But the "best team …. Open Post: What is Meg and Harry's daily life like now? April 11, Supposedly, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are living in a borrowed or rented house somewhere in the Los Angeles area. Supposedly, they are parents to a child named Archie who is about to turn one year old, who lives with them in California.

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Supposedly, they're working hard to launch a new charity venture, assisted by Catherine St-Laurenta former employee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who focused on women's health issues. Supposedly, Meg is looking for acting jobs and Harry is still maintaining connections to his veteran's charities. Are any of the above true? All of them?Dan Carlin born November 14, is an American political commentator and podcaster.

Once a professional radio hostCarlin eventually took his show to the Internet, and he now hosts three popular independent podcasts: Hardcore HistoryHardcore History: Addendumand Common Sense. Carlin obtained a B. No longer broadcasting on terrestrial radioCarlin has achieved recognition in internet radiopodcastingand the blogosphere. Carlin lives in Eugene, Oregon. Common Sense began in He fosters discussion by developing and presenting self-deprecating "Martian" thought experiments on solutions to current problems.

The podcasts are said to be broadcast "almost live from the end of runway two here at the Emerald International Airport. Hardcore History is Carlin's forum for exploring topics throughout world history. The focus of each episode varies widely from show to show but they are generally centered on specific historical events and are discussed in a "theater of the mind" style.

New episodes are released approximately every four to seven months. Hardcore Historywhich has millions of downloads per episode, received overin a hour period on May 6, Hardcore History: Addendum is an ancillary podcast feed which features "Interviews, musings and extra material" that are more short form and deemed not to fit into the main Hardcore History feed. The "Immersive Memory" is designed to put the viewer deeply into the experience of trench warfare along the Western Front of the First World War.

Carlin has referred to himself as social libertarian[20] a "radical," "neo-prudentist," "pragmatist," and "political martian. Hood Conference on May 2, Though often complimenting Carlin for his attempt to teach an "ill-informed citizenry" about history, some historians critique his approach as too simplistic.

Carlin's typical response is that he is a "fan of History, not a historian" and focuses on popularizing history and trying to communicate very complex ideas as simply as possible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American podcaster. This article is about the American podcaster. For the American doctor, see Daniel Carlin.

This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.Recently I had the chance to go on the Crazy Days and Nights Podcast, and co-host the show with everyone's favorite pound, six-time divorced Entertainment Lawyer otherwise known as Enty.

But the man and his cohorts pump out content like nobody's business. When I was in Chile on production and working hour days I missed quite a few, and found myself having to double back when I got stateside. What interests me about the podcast and his blog isn't always so much about the gossip, especially when it comes to reality shows; there's only so much entertainment content I can consume in one day, and I'm pretty choosy about it.

The reason I got hooked was two fold. Namely, the notion that there's such a pervasive and sinister underbelly across Los Angeles and beyond that makes any good Raymond Chandler novel seem like mere fantasy. And secondly, the idea that somewhere out there someone is actually uncovering truth, albeit in blind item and reveal formats. Of course not all of it is true as the legal disclaimer helpfully or unhelpfully provides at the bottom of the blog. But even that is so intriguing It's that cheeky wink.

Disclaimer in air quotes. It makes you question how much of it is real, how much is fake, or the other way around. This duality struck with me, long after I finished it. I began seeing it everywhere as far as media was concerned.

In some ways it's not that there's two sides to every story.

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It may be there are multiple sides to the story, or that the story is in itself flawed because there is no story, only sides. And of course, those sides come at you so quickly thanks to social media, which is also known to control the sides, depending on the narrative. It was fun going on Enty's podcast to discuss the book as well as my run-ins with celebrity throughout my advertising career. I felt like one of those living algorithms. If you like this, then you might like this.

What struck me most was we might have sent half a dozen emails to coordinate a time, and then spoke for three minutes before we started recording, but you wouldn't have known it from the way it sounded. At least I don't think so. Hopefully it got some people interested enough to check out the book if only because I believe it's a relevant story that was worth telling.

Maybe some people enjoyed a POV from the ad world, which often intersects with Hollywood and the famous. And maybe some people discovered or rediscovered Camper Van Beethoven as a result. There are worse ways to spend a Wednesday afternoon.Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

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The Bug Wagon crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo is now live Please click on the link and help out today! Just Say Yes, Baby! Joe talks about the many transitions he has gone through Exactly what is The Ento Nation Cookbook?Labels: The Epstein Diagram.

I'm calling nonsense on Townsend and De Niro, idc. You also have no proof about Chandler or Campbell. Posting these like you're an authority and are providing good special info on this is really dangerous, enty. Only partil list here. It's bigger. DeNiro and Townsend for sure. Bickle already was questioned and detained in Paris due to his involvement with an underage girl in a Child Trafficking case. Get out your popcorn and buckle up.

Spider Rico You're right- it probably is bigger. That thing about De Niro is debunked. There is no proof he slept with anyone underage in the trafficking ring and that Polanski blind enty ran makes no sense on about 20 different levels- I'm almost certain it's fiction. For others reading, let me copy and paste from an article that covered the "underage sex trafficking ring" this year after he said mean things about Trump.

If you do further research into this, you can see that he slept with a woman in her 20s who used to work for the service but was not when RdN slept with her. That's how his name came up.

He may be a pedo but I remain throughly unconvinced by entry's and a certain group of people's attempts to convince me otherwise.

Townsend was let off for the charges- there's no proof he did anything untoward either. And again- enty is not some authority on this case and he shouldn't be passing himself off as one.

Tricia I completely agree And of course we will never find out anything about the most mysterious group of all, the "arms dealers". I'm fascinated by the idea of them!!! I'll believe it when I see it. But sure. DM just threw out a new plot twist to the Epstein story. It has a new story that Acosta went lenient on Epstein the first time because he was told Epstein was part of the US intelligence system. When Acosta was asked about it today at a news conference he told reporters "don't go down the rabbit hole".

So did our intelligence community use the information Epstein acquired or did Epstein have enough information on someone they covered for him?

For kicking Epstein off his grounds for inappropriate attempted recruiting of a server? I didn t see that there -gotta put my glasses on. For the suit by that 13 year old girl that he raped her at a party. May be complete bullshit but it is noted on the chart.

I don't think Trump necessarily did anything with Epstein he has many vices but I don't think underage girls are one but he's not out of the dog-house yet. Townsend was busted years ago for having childhood pornography in his home. He got off. And trump did not kick Epstein off his grounds.Your Library Podcasts News. The Dan Bongino Show Follow.

Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric. Show More. In this episode, I address the latest viral media hoax about the election.

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I also address the path the Trump team needs to take to rescue the economy and secure the election. News Picks: What if the Coronavirus models are all wrong? What really happened in Wisconsin? CNN gets dunked on, again. The failed Governor of Nevada found hoarding a drug which he restricted access to. Christopher Steele may have to a Mark as Played. In this episode, I address the latest, radical proposal from this liberal Democrat. I also address the breaking news in the investigation of John Brennan.

The Trump administration weighs legal action over alleged Chinese hoarding. Christopher Steele could be in serious tro In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the man Trump fired on Friday and the soft coup plotters. The liberal media is desperately pumping the myth that Republican governors dropped the ball on the Wuhan Virus. The media gets caught misleading thei Ep In this episode, I address the stunning failures by the experts to give us accurate information on the Coronavirus, and the disastrous decisions being made as a result of the bad data.

So many businesses are struggling In this episode, I address the explosive unemployment numbers and, despite liberals gloom and doom, some potential good news about the recovery from the virus. I also address the troubling report about government spying that was even worse than originally reported.

News Picks: Jobless claims soar. Did the Wuhan Virus originate in a Chinese lab? US intelligence nails China to the wall on their Wuhan Virus deception.In "Hardcore History" journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This isn't academic history and Carlin isn't a historian but the podcast's unique blend of high drama, masterful narration and Twilight Zone-style twists has entertained millions of listeners.

Read Less. Japan's rising sun goes supernova and engulfs a huge area of Asia and the Pacific. A war without mercy begins to develop infusing the whole conflict with a savage vibe. Error - There was an error with your download request. Try again later.

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We Sent You a Link Did you get it? Retry Close. Start Free Trial. Facebook Tweet LinkedIn Cancel. Show Info: In "Hardcore History" journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Read less. Show 63 - Supernova in the East II. Show 62 - Supernova in the East I. Show 61 - Blitz Painfotainment.

Show 60 - The Celtic Holocaust.


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